It's our 10th Anniversary, and we have a brand new website!

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Our Santa Monica studio offers jewelry classes, jewelry making workshops, and customized tutoring in all aspects of jewelry design and creation. Our clients include jewelry designers, craftspeople, artists, jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, hobbyists, and professionals. We offer a fully customizable practical education in metalsmithing, wax carving, stone setting, line development and production, Precious Metal Clay, and more.

So what do we have to offer you?

If you're an aspiring jeweler...
our studio is the place to learn basic technique in sterling silver, karat gold, and platinum. Or if you prefer, start you education with wax carving. We offer jewelry classes, group tutoring, and individual instruction in that can accommodate your level of ability and interest, whatever that may be.

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If you ARE a jeweler...
we can help you stretch your abilities with advanced techniques in stone setting, platinum fabrication, wax carving, or even assist you with a specific project or problem.

If you're a jewelry designer...
we can help you fine tune your technical drawings, develop prototypes and master models, design and manufacture a jewelry line, or even introduce you to basic wax and metal technique to give you greater control and understanding of how your designs can be created.

If you're a jewelry manufacturer...
we offer customized workshops or on-site training for your jewelers, wax carvers, stone setters, and polishers. We can help you find that perfect balance between quality and speed that is essential to production jewelry.

If you just want to make something...

we've helped lots of people who aren't jewelers create really special, one of a kind pieces. You can even make your own wedding rings in a series of private tutoring sessions. You execute whatever aspects of the process that you feel comfortable with, and let us do the rest. Or have your friends join you for the latest and greatest addition to the party circuit - up to 30 people, at the location of your choice, will be led through a hands-on class to create a design in wax that will be cast in sterling silver. It's the ultimate party favor for grown ups... and kids!

If you're shopping for unique fine jewelry...
our online gallery will introduce you to the constantly evolving work of more than a dozen Los Angeles jewelry artists whose collections are displayed in our Main Street gallery. If you can't visit us in person, buy on line!

If you're a gallery owner or retail jewelry buyer...
our artists are always looking for new exposure! Just contact us and we'll arrange for you to meet with any designer whose work you admire. And watch for our Jewelry Buyer's Site, where you will be able to order, reorder, and make customer requests online!

If you don't live in the Los Angeles area...
Santa Monica is a fabulous place to visit for any reason, but we feel that our unique one-on-one approach and the ability to customize your education will make it worth the trip from wherever you may live. We'll help you design an intensive workshop based on your particular goals and how much time you can spend with us. Plus we have arrangements with several local hotels for accommodation discounts, and our studio is just blocks from one of the world's most famous beaches!

Follow this link to the new site, new class schedule,
and new class calendar!

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